Hotpoint® 6.2 cu. ft. Capacity  Electric Dryer with Up To 120 ft. Venting and Shallow Depth?


  • Auto Dry : Auto Dry monitors the internal air temperature to determine the ideal drying time, protecting your garments from over drying.
  • Powerful Venting & Flexible Installation : Powerful airflow offers long-lasting performance from lint build-up and offers venting solutions up to 120 feet for greater installation flexibility.
  • Large Diffuser for Even Drying : A large internal heat diffuser allows for warm air to evenly spreaad throughout your clothes during the cycle, makig this the ideal dryer for large loads and bulky items.
  • Durable Aluminized Drum : This durable, long-lasting design resists corrosion and optimizes drying performance.
  • Reversible Dryer Door : Door can swing from either direction making it easier to access the last sock from the back of the drum.
  • Temperature Selection : Offer a range of drying temperatures to adjust to the specific needs of your garments for personalized garment care.
  • Up Front Lint Filter : Simplify the task of lint removal with our convenient upfront lint filter, enhancing airflow within the appliance and for your garments.